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👋 I'm Angela, founder of Toffeenut Design Studio. I freelanced for a long time, while leading user experience design for a B2B hospitality startup, and also building Noteshelf, a native-cross-platform digital note-taking app.

Along the way, I have worked with hundreds of brands, founders, designers, managers and developers in the entertainment, e-commerce, health, prop tech, social media, education industries, among others.

I strive to bring together and lead the most focused independent talents your next idea would need. Let's work together!
14+ Years Through
This is my design story 🇵🇭🇺🇸🇸🇬🇮🇳

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Learned with talented designers since the MacThemes days.
Got into app and game icon and interface design for Mac OS X Panther and iPhone OS 1.
Gained UX certification via HFI, gone through startup accelerator programs and mentorship, dabbled into speaking and mentoring young talent.
Slowly built an independent collective, building with designers and no-code developers across the globe.
Let’s Chat
🍞 Bakes bread in between drawing rectangles on Figma.
💻 A fan of #nocode, and building on Webflow.
📺 Probably way too into Survivor, Breaking Bad, Friends and Succession.
🐶 And my dog, @sergeantpepper_ is more Instagram-famous than I ever aspire to be.

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We are purposely small and agile, and we take a different approach, assembling world-class designers and specialists depending on expertise need.

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