Angela Salud Chua · TOFFEENUT DESIGN

UX Consultant
& Product Designer

Based in Manila, I have been solving design problems for 13+ years building customer-centered products that go beyond the screen.

I freelanced most of my career, built a small boutique studio along the way, and now am leading user experience design for a B2B hospitality startup, and a premier digital note-taking app. I have also worked extensively in the entertainment, e-commerce, health, and education industries.

Others simply push pixels, but my focus has always been making impactful experiences in the products I help create. Here are some of what I’ve worked on.
top 1 paid app overall
Digital Note-Taking
uHoo · Know What You Breathe
Disneyland Paris
In-Room Experience
W London
Guest Experience

13+ Years Through

🇵🇭🇺🇸🇸🇬🇮🇳 This is my design story.
Learned with talented designers since the MacThemes days.
Got into app and game icon and interface design for Mac OS X Panther and iPhone OS 1.
Gained UX certification via HFI, gone through startup accelerator programs and mentorship, dabbled into speaking and mentoring young talent.


Built a business that has served hundreds of brands over the years.


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🥐 Calling myself a baker despite only making bread twice, I’ve now decided. 👩🏻💻 A fan of #nocode, and building mini projects on Webflow and Notion. 🔥 Probably way too into Survivor. 🐶 And my dog is more Instagram-famous than I ever aspire to be — @sergeantpepper_.